Loud commmercials

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We see no reason to expect the U. Star Trek Remastered Ratings Improving showing Trek they’d be showing Girls Gone Wild commmercials Truly, only diehard fans like us would stay to watch or even TIVO such an airing. If the ads show only people over 30, and certain safeguards are there, I wouldn't have a serious problem with it.

I was afraid you'd have scenes of fraternity boys at a loud party "doing shots." I'm no fan of tobacco, either, but I think alcohol advertising can be even more insidious. Sep 02,  · You made me laugh out loud tonight with your PERFECT description of the Joy-Clare relationship!

I can just see Jack turning on the TV and cracking wise over everything from Pimp My Ride to feel-good car commmercials to public therapy on the Dr. Phil Show. Roku review with 2 Comments: Recently it's been annoying to whatch with extremely LOUD commercials like it used to happen on regular tv before it was regulated.

I agree with the OP about the VERY loud commercials not all are too loud but a lot are. I have fibromyalgia and have a real sensitivity to noise/sounds. There are 2 furniture commercials that just about throw me out of my chair!!!! and I am not going to read the bottom of the TV!!

The Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act Television viewers are asked to report loud commercials that violate this bill to the FCC.

References External links "th Congress Public Law ". From the U.S. Government Printing Office.

Ridiculously Loud Commercial

FCC's Loud Commercials Page.

Loud commmercials
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