Chapter 1 case study hudson kayak adventures

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CASE STUDY (Individual)

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Hudson Kayak Adventures: Case Study

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They spread eastwards across the Arctic. Solutions for Chapter Problem 1HKA. Problem 1HKA: Hudson Kayak Adventures (HKA) offers ecotours and kayak rentals along the Hudson River. Background Steve and Linda Lane are avid kayakers and amateur naturalists who spent many weekends exploring the.

Chapter 1 Case Study 1.

Line-of-Sight Name

Business Information Business Name: Hudson Kayak Adventures Business Address: N. Main St, New York, USA Email: [email protected] Tel: Business Activities Hudson’s main business activities are as follows rentals of equipment, instructional classes, guided tours, and sales of accessories and safety equipment.

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Chapter 1 case study hudson kayak adventures
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Solved: Original Kayak Adventures (OKA) offers guided eco-tours |