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Antigen, Hammond, Terrifies, Testicles c. And startled, when he look'd upon the Tower, As loath to bear me to the slaughter-house"; on which Tawney quotes Melton's Astrologaster, "That if a man stumbles in the morning, as soon as he comes out of doores, it is a sign of ill lucke.

We will read pages through in the textbook, pages Woe is me, for the wretched blindness of my counsels. What general truth dost thou announce. And if Creon hears this from another, must not thou smart for it. Students will read page through today in the textbook.

We read Antigone today and answer the first Study Guide question in new groups today if time permits.

How I shudder at thy message. I sank back, terror-stricken, into the arms of my handmaids, and my senses fled. According to the Choragus, how is Antigone like her father, Oedipus.

This is also page of the Braun book or to All here would own that they thought it well, were not their lips sealed by fear. Every man was the culprit, and no one was convicted, but all disclaimed knowledge of the deed. What manner of mischance hath marred thy reason. ANTIGONE antistrophe 2 Thou hast touched on my bitterest thought,-awaking the ever-new lament for my sire and for all the doom given to us, the famed house of Labdacus.

In those days of omens considered an unlucky accident; so in R. Do you think Antigone has thought her decision through. They can decorate their folders at home or during class.

In thy discourse there is nought that pleases me,-never may there be. Cite four images of light in the first stanza. Death, the abstract for the concrete; Lettsom conjectures Dead, and Dyce so reads: How can you tell that Creon realizes he made a mistake.

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Every student will do the Study Guide questions every day to turn in the next day as homework at the beginning of class, before the class discussion.

What is an ode. Scene 2 and Ode 2 pg. What sayest thou, my son. But he who begets unprofitable children-what shall we say that he hath sown, but troubles for himself, and much triumph for his foes.

If a drawing is used, it must be an original drawing that takes some time to make. What did we do today. And a tumult of hatred against thee stirs all the cities whose mangled sons had the burial-rite from dogs, or from wild beasts, or from some winged bird that bore a polluting breath to each city that contains the hearths of the dead.

Whom does Creon blame for everything.

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No marriage means more to me than your continuing wisdom Ah, fount of Dirce, and thou holy ground of Thebe whose chariots are many; ye, at least, will bear me witness, in what sort, unwept of friends, and by what laws I pass to the rock-closed prison of my strange tomb, ah me unhappy.

Henceforth they must be women, and not range at large; for verily even the bold seek to fly, when they see Death now closing on their life. Do you know his story.

What do all of the allusions in Ode 4 have in common with this situation. Three of the class questions will be selected to include on the Antigone Quiz, which will be tomorrow. CREON Know ye not that songs and wailings before death would never cease, if it profited to utter them.

The husband lost, another might have been found, and child from another, to replace the first-born: How many men are typically in the chorus. Antigen, Semen, Policies, Testicles d. The cover of the folder should say Antigone Folder.

ANTIGONE PROLOGUE AND PARADOS Directions: Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Provide evidence from the text when asked.

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1. How would you describe Antigone’s personality in this scene? Antigone Study Questions. Answer each question on a separate piece of paper after you read each scene from the play. Prologue and Parados. When the Chorus first appears, what background information do they provide?

(pg. ). According to the Chorus, by. pdftohtmlbingauto Antigone Study Questions Prologue 1. Consider Antigone’s reference to being a “traitor” (line 27). This is a political term; does Antigone mean a traitor to the city or something else?

Antigone. Study Guide Questions. Prologue and Parodos: How are Antigone and Ismene related? Who are the two brothers mentioned in the prologue? How did the two brothers die? What is King Creon’s decree? What does Antigone plan to do? What is. Drama and theater are so much more than mere entertainment.

They are powerful tools for transmitting ideas and culture; for fostering empathy; and for viewing the world in different ways. A major conflict between _____ and _____ as well as between _____ and _____ is revealed in the Prologue.

Creon and Antigone, Ismene and Antigone In the short paragraph that describes the setting of the play, the reader learns of the events that led to the recent deaths of Eteocles and Polynices.

Antigone prologue quiz
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